Experience Romance On The Internet

If you haven’t found someone to fall in love with offline then you should make use of the internet to find romance. Right now, millions of users worldwide who are interested in building a romantic relationship with people are connected to the worldwide web. You could create social accounts online or try match.com uk free trial offers so that you could easily find potential partners or receive suggestions on who to have a relationship with. Basically, there are lots of benefits in online dating. Through it, you could date foreigners. Aside from that, you could also go on a date in the cheapest way possible. But, just because creating social pages can give you the opportunity to connect with people, it doesn’t mean that you could find someone or be discovered right away. You still have to do some work in order for you to attract people. For some tips on how to make yourself attractive on the web so that you could experience real love online, please read on.

To be found on the web, you have to do more than just make accounts where you could publish your identity online. That’s because people in general only interact with those whom they know and those whom they’re interested in. To get folks to be interested in you, one of the things that you could do is to show that you’re someone who is pleasing. On your social accounts, you should describe yourself thoroughly. You have to put details about yourself so that people would know you. Even if you have an appealing face and a nice physique, you have to do more than just post photos of yourself. To impress people, you have to describe yourself well and emphasize your positive points. To be specific, you have to point out your talents, interests and preferences so that you would be able to attract those who have similar qualities as you and those who are looking for those that have your characteristics.

How To Protect Yourself Online

When you go for online dating, there will be some of your personal information that you provide so that others can really verify that you are real and so that they can communicate with you. The release of such information to the public is normally done but you should also make sure that you are protecting yourself online even if you have share some personal information. It is very important for you to do this to prevent other people from getting your identity and prevent scammers in being successful with their goals.

Identity Theft

Most people don’t realize and don’t think about keeping their information secure. They think that no one would really steal their identity and so they leave their information wide open for scammers to use. The scammer can use your personal data for different crimes such as purchases on your credit card, taking out loans under your name or even illegal businesses all under your name. Identity theft is a common crime that has been observed recently.

Victims of scammers can become financially as well as emotionally devastated because their name has been used in the crimes they did not commit. It take a long while to be able to reclaim your own identity and the impact of the crimes listed under your name can be observed for years to come. So before someone else gets your identity, it is important that you minimize their rate of success in stealing it.

Preventing Identity Theft

To be able to protect yourself from being a victim in this crime, you should be smarter with the data that you provide. You should be alert so that those who are trying to access your personal information will fail at it. Here are some tips on what you can do.

1. Secure your personal details – One of the first things that scammers take a look at is your online presence and your postal mail. You should make sure that your mailbox is locked at all times and no one has access to it but you and your family. If you should throw your bills or other documents away, make sure to shred them first or tear them apart into pieces. You should also be careful with your online activity. Be careful on what you post on your social media, blogs or forums that you join.

2. Be careful in what you do online – Sometimes people get so caught up with their social media that they post things that provide scammers their personal data or a means to getting their personal data. There might also be attachments or emails that can try to access your personal data so be careful about it. You should also think twice about joining dating sites because most of them would require some sort of personal information. Make sure you read uk dating site reviews and have an idea with their security measures to make sure your information is really secured.

3. Secure your computers and mobile devices – Even if you are using your phone, using public Wi-Fi hotspots to get access to your online banking can be a very bad idea. These networks are not secure.

4. Password selection is very important – The password is a great way to prevent others from having access to your account but you have to think of a password that will not easily be cracked by others. Try using upper case and lower case letters with numbers and symbols too.

You Should Date Online

If you want to find romance faster and date safer then you should try to be a part of a dating service. Basically, there are lots of popular dating sites that are available that you could be a member of. You should be a part of these sites mainly because online dating is very practical. When you do it, you could meet up with someone without literally spending lots of your time and resources. That’s because you could do audio and video chatting with the use of your mobile devices wherever you please. Also, you could have fancy dinners with potential partners without meeting up with them in person too. Since you won’t have to meet people face-to-face when you go on online dates, you won’t also have to buy and wear impressive clothes since only a part of your body—mostly your head up to your neck—would be seen. That’s why, if you’re not in a romantic relationship with someone right now and wish to find true love in the most convenient way possible then you should definitely try online dating.

What’s great about dating on the web is that it’s practically safe. Take note that you can’t really be certain about strangers. Some of them may have hidden motives. When you date online, you could meet up with someone through video chat to see him or her and save a lot of money. Dining in restaurants and treating another person maybe quite expensive. Also, do take note that you might be compelled to buy new clothes to impress someone when you go on a real-life date immediately. Basically, dating online or via web chat may be quite practical since it could give you the opportunity to see a person before any meeting would take place. If you decide that the person that you’ve seen isn’t quite as attractive as you thought him or her to be then you could always decide to skip meeting him or her. Plus, you can even pursue some other things whilst dating on the web too. That’s because the mobile gadgets and computers today has lots of functions. It means that, with online dating, you could do work and have a date with someone at the same time or simultaneously.

Today, it would be faster for you to find potential partners via dating on the web since dating services usually offer suggestions to singles on a regular basis. Take note that dating sites are also equipped with search engines that could provide the accounts of various people as results. With just a few clicks, it would now be possible for you to be directed to people whom you’re interested in or who may be interested in you. Also, on the profile pages of people, there are buttons that you could click on to send messages to people too. This means that you could instantly talk to someone without literally feeling awkward because all that they would see is your profile photo and the link to your profile page. Moreover, it’s with this type of dating wherein you could also hide your real name and make use of nicknames too. These are some of the reasons why it’s popular nowadays. To find a great dating site where you could register and compare different dating services that are available, you could try looking for stuff like eHarmony review 2015 pages.

Go Get The Girl

One of the products that has helped men get the girl is the girlfriend activations system or the GFAS. This product promises to get hot girls even if you don’t look good. This is what most geeks out there need to have in their hands to get the girl.

What Is It?

The GFAS is a program that teaches you what to do in order for you to get the girl. It promises you to get the girl even if you are not rich or good looking. Every man would want to have a chance to get a hot girlfriend but unfortunately not everyone can. This program is fully discussed below but if you already know what it is then you should go ahead and just read girlfriend activation system review. The reviews will help you decide whether you should go and get it or not.

The GFAS product is given to you in a form of video modules that you can watch and from there you will learn different approaches on what to do. Each video can last from minutes up to an hour depending on the topic being discussed. There are lots of topics discussed such as how to approach the woman of your dreams, set up dates, create sexual tension, and a lot more.

It is designed to be a step by step guide to guide you through the process so that you can meet a girl, date her and eventually have a long lasting relationship with her. The first part of the program discuses about you, the male who is looking for a woman. The program helps you build your self-confidence so that you can approach a woman with confidence until you are comfortable with interacting with her.

What Makes It Different?

We all know that there are many people who can coach a male into finding a date and having a lasting relationship with them. There are even tips found all over the internet but what makes GFAS different is that it doesn’t focus on the premise of masculine power as looking hot or having money. Instead it focuses on what women obsess within a man like their mysteriousness, confidence, honesty, and many others.

Avoiding The Friend Zone

Many of us have been in the friend zone situation wherein we wooed a girl into friendship so much that the girl only thinks of us as a friend or someone who would always be there during dateless nights. Although many women fall for their friends, the GFAS can teach you how to avoid being in the friend zone and staying there. They give you tips on how to send the woman the message that we just don’t want to be friends and we are something that they will desire.

Added Bonuses

Aside from the modules, there is also a community of members whom share different ideas and stories about their dating lives. There are also some dating coaches there who post videos for added tips. There are different packages available and each package will have a different set of bonus features.

3 Basic Points To Consider When Choosing An Online Dating Site

Subscribing to an online dating site can become an enriching and rewarding experience especially when you finally meet your perfect match. However, you must learn more about the popular dating sites and how they can exactly help you find your match before you start to consider online dating since it is not wise to simply join an online dating site without actually knowing how it works and how you are supposed to behave in that kind of setting. You most definitely want to choose a dating site that can help you find the right partner in your lifetime in the most convenient and wholesome way possible. Here are some points to consider before finally choosing a dating site.


Yes. Your own preferences matter a lot in choosing the right online dating site. You have to bear in mind that all dating sites have different features, from their coverage to their offers. Some online dating sites cater only to local subscribers. That means they only provide their services only throughout the same country, while other dating sites may serve many areas around the world. Some dating sites also cost higher compared to other dating sites. Some dating sites have many features, while other sites only have very few features to offer. That is why you must define your preferences from the very beginning. Do you prefer to find a match in your own country, or perhaps you might want to have a partner from another country and culture. How much is the price that you can afford to pay on a monthly basis? Do you think you will afford a higher rate, or perhaps you do not really want to spend a lot on a dating site?

Reputation of Online Dating Sites

For starters, you need to research on the different dating sites available. Find out as much information as you can about the dating sites. Be sure to check out the testimonial videos of their previous subscribers. Are they popular enough that they are known worldwide? Do most of your friends highly recommend them? Do many people trust their sites, or perhaps you have heard that they are not reliable enough? Try to see and compare the many features that they offer to their subscribers. These of course include the rates that they offer.

Reviews of Past Subscribers

It is quite important to check out the websites of online dating sites and find out what their subscribers have to say about their sites. You can learn a lot based on the subscribers’ reviews and experiences. You will have an idea whether a certain online dating site is good or not at all through the reviews of their subscribers. There is also a site where you can find reviews of any online dating site such as eHarmony review. You must read and compare all the reviews of many different dating sites. By doing so, you can choose the dating site that suits your needs.

Start Dating Online Today

Because of the worldwide web, you can now date people online. Nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to meet up with someone face-to-face—initially—just for you to know an individual in person. With the power of the internet, you can instantly connect with people and then choose someone who can potentially be your partner in life. The truth is that lots of people have managed to create a meaningful and fruitful relationship by dating online. If you’re someone who’s looking to find true love in a cost-effective way, with the utmost safety, and with the least amount of effort then online dating is perfect for you.

If you’re someone who’s serious about increasing your chances of finding the right person to have a romantic relationship with then you should definitely try dating people online. With online dating, you’d get to have lots of benefits. For one, it’s something that would not only let you spend your time wisely but also make the most out of your money. Now, you no longer have to meet up with someone and have a dinner date just to know a person. Today, when you date on the web, you have the privilege of being introduced to someone or being able to make yourself known in the comfort of your own home or practically anywhere. As long as you’ve got a machine that can connect to the internet and access specific websites or make use of certain applications, you can date with someone instantly and with the utmost convenience. This means that you won’t have to spend money on travel, food, and extra expenses just to entertain, impress, and connect with someone because you can do online dating.

To date someone online, you have to be a member of a social site first. When you’re a part of a social page, it would be possible for you to connect not only to the people whom a friend of yours or one of your family members know but to strangers located in different parts of the globe as well. You can become choose to sign up for a free membership on one of today’s most popular sites like Facebook to instantly find someone or be found—or you can try becoming a member of specific dating sites like eHarmony. Many people choose to become members of online dating service sites specifically because these pages has essential online dating tools like a search engine for searching potential partners, a profile page on each account to possibly be noticed by strangers, and instant messaging service that can let an individual chat with one or multiple users on the web in real-time. To know how much an online dating service plan typically costs, you could search for things like eHarmony cost.

When you date, however, make sure that you prioritize safety first. That’s because, in truth, dating online can be quite risky despite all of its convenience. Some people might pose to be someone they’re not and they might have malign motives. For your safety, when you’re interacting with someone, it’s best that you ask a person to give you his or her picture. Ask for some other personal details and then try to verify whether or not they’re true.

Reframing Irrational Thinking To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

In order to learn how to overcome stage fright, it is important to remember that the fear is only in the mind. This fear may stem from different irrational thoughts. One possible fear of public speaking solution is to address such negative thoughts. This kind of irrational thinking has to be changed through a process called reframing or cognitive restructuring.

Here are some of the irrational thoughts that may cause or further aggravate the fear of public speaking, and how they can be reframed.

Irrational Thought: “This can go horribly wrong just like my past traumatic experiences.”

One of the most common causes of speech anxiety is past traumatic experiences. Any bad experience during the childhood or even adulthood of a person can cause a phobia. If you were bullied or teased as a child, the negative feeling that you have experienced can be transferred to public speaking.

Reframe Thought: “This is an opportunity to face a different challenge.”

Regarding any past traumatic experience, it is important to remember that there are some circumstances that we cannot control. If you made a mistake, then remember mistakes do happen even to the most well-prepared and talented people. Also, it is important to note that you have survived the bad experience no matter how humiliating or embarrassing it was. From every failure, we can gain important lessons that we can use in the future.

Examine the experience and find out what you have learned from it. Such information can be used to determine your strong points, improve your weaker points, and perform better next time. Any upcoming public speaking event, therefore, can be viewed as a next challenge that you can overcome by being adequately prepared.

In order to recover from any past mistakes, it is best to stay calm and take corrective action. People can be very forgiving, and they may even admire you for being able to stay calm and continue after commiting a mistake.

Irrational Thought: “This is about me and my communication skills.”

When we think about public speaking in such a manner, it becomes easy to assume that all of the people looking at you are judging you. It becomes easy to be conscious about yourself.

Reframe Thought: “This is about the message and the audience who are learning from the message.”

The people in the audience are not there to judge you. They are there to hear what you have to say and to learn from your message. It should not matter who delivers the speech. In order to stop becoming too self-conscious, you may focus your mind away from yourself and start thinking about the needs of the audience.

Generally, the audience wants to be educated, motivated or entertained. Once you start to focus on accomplishing these, the speech anxiety will go away.

Fear of public speaking solution

Reframing irrational thinking is one of the many solutions to the fear of public speaking. In order to learn more about other fear of public speaking solution, many materials are now available on books, on videos and on different websites today.

Motivational Speaker For The Education Sector

Motivational speakers provide for companies and sectors such as the government and the educational one the perfect amount of boost for the achievement of higher goals.  Have you ever wondered what would be the right thing to do for the people you work with to reach their true potential?  Everyday problems, personal and professional, can put a rather drastic end to any dreams of better work performance and higher achievements.  People are liable to so many positive and negative factors that it quickly becomes impossible to effectively control the level of stress they sustain in their lives.

Here is where the motivational speaker comes to the rescue.  Hundreds of people all around the world have experienced the benefits of a session with the professional motivational speaker, who is able to convey messages and ideas in a memorable way.  The educational sector, for example, is the field where the art of motivational speaking is giving great and lasting results.  The speaker, who approaches a young audience that still develops personalities and learns new things every day works to create a connection, both mental and emotional, that will allow him or her to transmit effectively stories and incidents.  The young and still studying audience is open to a number of different approaches that create diversity and keep their attention.  A successful speaker will try to create personal contact with every person, by asking questions and answering them.

The focal point of the process is to address issues that are vital for the audience in ways that will differ from the usual student teacher activities.  The techniques used in the process must be well developed and designed to be adapted to different ages and mentality.  This method of approaching the educational sector is being used by Simerjeet Singh for many years now.  You can visit his website at MotivationalSpeakerTX and see for yourself how the motivational speaker manages to share personal experiences, and turning them into inspirations for others.

Every motivational speaker relies heavily on the authenticity of what he or she is narrating.  The fulfillment of a dream, the beginning of a journey, the shocking self realization, take time and need a push in the right direction.  Young people are especially susceptible to such interventions and in great need of them.  However, they do look for honesty and transparency in what they have been offered and search for the right amount of self motivation and inspiration.  A motivational session is considered a success when the audience is showing signs of thinking on a different level, after being challenged through questions and personal stories.  Young people, especially those who want to continue their education, are ready to think and act on promising ideas for their future.  Motivational speakers must know how to explore that fact.

The most desired and requested topics from the schools and universities are those regarding the performance and the stress level of the audience, the formation of the young leaders of the society, the setting of goals and the belief in oneself.

Spend Less in Getting a Date with eHarmony

Are you looking for a date or you are simply seeking the best advice on how to enhance your relationship with your partner? eHarmony is the best dating and love coaching website for you.

The dating site is all about serving individuals who are lonely and yet hoping to find a new love life by dating and knowing other persons that would like them. What’s amazing about the site is that the eHarmony cost information is indeed easy on the pocket. Why you may ask? Well once you register and sign in as a member, all you need to pay for a whole year of subscription is less than $2500.

Yes the eHarmony cost you’ve just read is a fact and when you compare the price to other dating websites, it’s lower since other sites would rate you more than $5,000 and this is just the minimum deal you can get.

Additionally, you can avail of discount coupon codes directly on the site and in other sites where the coupon code can be availed of. Consequently, their services are great and you can be working with one-on-one with their dating expert. However, before you are provided with a match, you are required to take a personality test to determine some information from you and use it in picking out the best match you can have a date with.

Besides finding the right date for you, your dating coach will find more than one possible candidate in which you can choose from. This would only mean that there is more than one possible date that can happen and it’s indeed to your advantage. But then again you should be responsible enough and be polite while on a date.

On one hand, same sex profile search is not allowed in the site since it’s more of a Christian dating website. But then again, each profile search that fits you will provide you the best pick. On the other hand, it’s okay to select a date if you are divorced. Meaning, the dating site is not just for singles just make sure that the profile information you would input once you become a member is true.

Keep in mind, eHarmony dating website is a reputable dating consultancy agency and thousands of clients have tried and tested their dating services. This only proves that the dating website is legally operating and it’s not the scam. Well, you need to be aware that there are other online dating scams that are victimizing online surfers and this is just a warning. So choose only a reputable dating site and one of these is eHarmony.

Now, talking more about the eHarmony cost, you can check the updated review for the year 2014 about the dating company online. From there, you are able to see that their rates are cheap. Positive reviews are also related and testimonies from satisfied customers are also detailed out.

So if you are thinking of having a new relationship now, better hire the services of eHarmony since they are proven and they will assure that you will find the right person for your first date (again). Well, it’s just timely that you need to be happy again and it’s your right anyway so check out the dating site now and avail of their cheap membership rates.

Let That first Date Get You Your Girlfriend

Meeting girls is one thing, and hopefully you’ve had some success in that area- now you want information as to how to get a girlfriend out of that first date? You want to take your relationship to a new level? You’re reading the right article.

A date should be a date when things get official.

It helps, unless you know your girl really won’t enjoy it, if you pick a date that’s clearly made for dating. You want time alone together- it doesn’t have to be something way over the top, but a touch of romance helps too.

But don’t go for traditionally romantic when you know it may clash with things you’ve already discussed. Every woman is different. Thing about conversations you’ve had. Is there something she specifically likes to eat? Has she mentioned a new night spot she’s longing to try out? Is there a movie she’s itching for an excuse to see? You want her to have fun with you, and picking up on things like this is one of the best way to be certain you’ll get it right. Plus, it never hurts to show that you’ve actually been listening to what she has to say! How to get a girlfriend information goes, learning to engage and care about another person tops the list! Hopefully, you want to date because you like this person, not because you just want any old woman. If you’re interests coincide, so much the better.

So date night has arrived- what now.

Once you’ve successfully picked a great first date opportunity, it’s time to remember the most important bit of information on how to get a girlfriend ever- you can’t control everything! Don’t try and stage manage the evening too much. This isn’t supposed to be a means to an end, it’s supposed to be the start of a relationship that will grow and change with time.

Forget the ‘dos and don’ts’ so beloved by Hollywood. The dating game isn’t like that anymore, even if it ever was. You’re not in a movie, this is real life- and you want to get the right happy ending, after all. There’s nothing wrong with going dutch if you both feel more comfortable like that- remember, she may want to pay so she doesn’t feel obligated, or because she can, or because she likes you and doesn’t want to put pressure on you, or because she believes it’s the right thing to do, or any other of a million reasons. It doesn’t mean she’s not interested. You can offer to pay if you’d like to. Don’t make it into a big fight.

Don’t stress if a past ex comes into the conversation- it’s more likely to be a passing mention then some big warning sign. Whether or not the two of you want to sleep with each other is between you, not some ridiculous society thing.

Another great piece of information on getting a girlfriend is not to get hung up on a ridiculous series of imaginary targets you must hit or miss. Have fun together, figure out if you do want to continue dating, and leave the door open for another date.

What Makes Match.com The Best Online Dating Site?

The concept of online dating has been around probably since the internet has been seeing a lot of use from common people. Online dating can come in a lot of forms, including instant messenger dating, online chatting, email correspondence and many more. The appearance of online dating websites however, has took quite a while before it really took off, but today, online dating websites are extremely popular, with millions of users from all over the world using the services of these websites with the hope of finding true love online.

If you are planning to use an online dating website in order for you to increase your chances of finding a serious relationship then Match.com is definitely the website that you will want to sign up to. It is considered by many to be the best online dating website available today and that is due to a number of reasons.

First is that Match.com is actually the one that started the online dating website craze. It is the first ever online dating website, and it first went online over 17 years ago. The fact that it still is in existence today is a testament to how much people trust Match.com for their online dating needs.

Being the first and longest running online dating website today, Match.com also has one of the biggest number of users when compared to other online dating websites today. With millions of active users from all over the world, looking for true love online is surely a lot more productive and successful when you register with Match.com. It also really helps that the website has great search functions which will allow you to look for people depending on a number of specific factors, including more detailed ones like hair color and eye color. This will allow you to try and out and see if you get to meet great people online who fall into your preferences.

It is no secret to people that online dating websites require a fee before you can use the website’s services continuously. A lot of users of online dating websites actually welcome this subscription fee, as it somehow ensures that people who continue to use the website are also serious about finding love online and are not just around for fun. What’s great about match.com is that it has one of the most reasonable rates for an online dating website subscription. While the short term membership fees are substantially more expensive, the long term fees for 6 month and 12 month subscriptions are actually quite affordable. There are also subscription plans that come with the match.com guarantee, where, if you are not able to find true love or a great partner on match.com, the website will be very much willing to refund the subscription fee that you have paid.

With the sheer number of features, reasonable membership fees and one of the biggest user-bases today, it is not surprising that people looking for love online prioritize Match.comCost. Add to the fact that a lot of people have indeed been successful with love on the website online makes it that much more appealing to people wanting to try out online dating.

Cyber Cheating: Can You Forgive Your Partner?

When we talk about dating and illicit encounters cost, we often refer to it as courtship or finding and meeting hopefully the right person who could be your lifetime partner. Then marriage takes place full with commitments, but still hoping that the relationship will still work. Even though married life as they say is full of trials, some couples were lucky enough to fulfill their vows “’till death, do them part”, and some end up in a divorce.

There are many factors that could destroy a marriage. One of them is of course “Extra Marital Affairs” or most commonly known as a form of ‘cheating’. Cheating in a relationship is done in many ways, for example “Extra Marital Dating” or a married person is dating someone outside the relationship. One commonly used medium in doing such is the Internet. Married individuals that are unhappy with their present relationship tend to find a new one through the cyber world. Unhappy and unsatisfied husbands and wives went on looking for new partners through online dating sites. They just simply do a ‘click-and-scroll’ through the vast wall of options that meets their desired description of a ‘dating partner. However, these Adult Dating Sites claim that they do not encourage married individuals to cheat on their partner but can only help them find a new partner if they plan to cheat on their current partners. The only difference is that these sites only provide the needs of unhappily married individuals by helping them find a partner but not encouraging them to cheat.

Since these sites are available and there is a huge demand for their service, accessing them has a price. Everything works in credits, anyone can avail their service until their credits expires. Some sites offer genuine privacy so that suspecting partners will never have a trace or of some sort that could compromise the cheating partner’s deeds through the adult dating site, and that may be very expensive. These people are known to have a lack of satisfaction that is not given by their partners, and so as a result, they tend to find them by dating other persons outside their relationships and eventually cheating to their partners. Studies say that, men who look for partners through online dating sites are just looking for sex, and women who often use these services are said to be feeling lonely and neglectedand they are really looking for long-term relationships.

Whatever you call it or in whichever ways you are doing it, cheating is always called cheating. Whether you’re only doing it through chatting somebody over the internet, or even seeing with someone physically as long as it is illicit and you are in fact in a committed relationship or most probably married and dating someone outside your relationship, it is in fact called cheating. Some may do it just for fun, or to quench the loneliness, it is not reason enough to be cheating on your partner. It is against the law but so far no one is ever arrested behind the makers of these sites as they claim that everyone is welcomed to use their services whether or not you are married.

Seeing Ugly Pictures Of Celebrities Without Make Up Can Make Us Feel Good About Ourselves

Every so often a celebrity comes out from behind their put on face and shows us who they truly are and the revelation is that some of them are just plain ugly. Almost all of the celebrities we see in magazines and on the internet have had their photos digitally enhances and some woman are so over enhanced that they are unrecognizable when compared to their photos without makeup, Some of them are still incredibly beautiful naturally but sometimes those awkward shocking pictures that were taken at just the wrong time get onto the web for all of us to laugh at and enjoy. I did find that after I saw many of these pictures I felt really good about myself because it reminded me that these celebrities are just normal people like you and I and with enough hard work we can achieve what they have achieved if that is what we choose to do. One of the most inspirational quotes I have ever heard is “You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.” – Richard Bach

Now back to the hilarious, beautiful and celebrities without makeup ugly images, at http://www.chicksnews.com/ you will find some great pictures to tickle your funny bone and make you feel good about yourself. There are also tons of other great articles for all kinds of women’s interests, I log on everyday to read the latest interesting topics and always have a laugh at the same time.

If you have never seen one of those fast motion videos of how a model is caked with make up and then touched up and photoshopped before being advertisement ready then do a search for dove evolution, it is one of the most popular videos showing just how much women are retouched by photoshop artists. It has been shown that woman who see these distorted images day after day form an unrealistic view of beauty, they end up comparing themselves with every woman around them and in the magazines and on the internet and trying to look like them, trying to achieve something impossible is not a healthy thing for any person but because of this photoshop take over more and more woman and doing just that and developing eating disorders because of it. Thankfully the internet is getting the information out to more woman that almost every photo is retouched and there is a huge movement to make it required to put a warning label on the images telling people that they have been retouched. For now though the best we can do is educate ourselves and our children so that we don’t fall victim to the negative side effects of this type of industry.Confidence in one’s self is a wonderful thing and something that should be celebrated in our society, yes we do also have an obesity epidemic but on the flip side of the coin too many healthy woman are making themselves unhappy because they feel they need to achieve perfection.

Heavy Metal Done Gone Crazy, Y’all.

Steel Panther, as a Heavy Metal Band tell you everything you need to know about the versatility, long life and sheer mental glamour of the metal world. This fantastic band- best known as a satirical parody of the worst of the Heavy Metal era head cases- has a charm, a vibe and a party-lifting spirit that’s bringing metal back with a vengeance- and people are happy to let them.

There’s a reason this band have made “Best Live Act” in the Loudwire music awards twice in a row now. Steel Panther fans, or Fanthers, are among the most dedicated in the world- their UK fans are particularly rabid, and prompted the band DVD ‘the British invasion’ with their fervor and dedicated support. They’re bringing heavy metal back- and they intend it to stay brought. Taking “17 girls in a row” [if you believe them] is no longer the only impressive statistic they have to brag about, either. Though judging by band mockery [we presume good hearted] of Michael Starr’s less than adequate equipment, we’ll have to take his claims with a pinch of salt. Maybe that Asian Hooker got to him after all?

It’s not the only brag-worthy gig the band have up their sleeves. As some of you may know, aging rockers KISS now own their own American Football team, and guess who’ll be serving up the halftime entertainment? You got it, the one and only original Heavy Metal band, Steel Panther. Even KISS’s Gene Simmons has been heard to admit “Steel Panther rock, just ask your girlfriend.”

“All you can Eat”, their 3rd studio album, released in April 2014. The debut single “Party like Tomorrow is the end of the World” having been released in November 2013. The 3rd single for the album, “Gloryhole” had a special video release for smartphones only, the video positively screaming with their signature blend of dodgy, hilarious and explicit. When you bear in mind the dedicated fan base the band carries it’s perhaps no wonder that they’ve got away with naming their latest offering “The Burden of being Wonderful”- they seem to be suffering under it graciously.

If you’re keen to catch the band live in action, you’ll need to be heading to Northern America, where their new tour to promote the album has already kicked off in their native Hollywood, and will soon be heading out on a whirlwind month-long flip through America and Montreal, Canada, culminating in a June 1 show in Dallas, Texas. We don’t advise waiting for the next album, although rumor [and the band] already tentatively name it as “You can’t catch Herpes twice”- which if nothing else certainly sounds worth waiting for.

If you’ve ever despaired that the days of true metal are gone, or simply wished there was a band out there with the same driving spirit, sass, nerve and party vibe, then don’t despair. They’ve given it to you straight once before- Steel Panther, as a Heavy Metal band, give it to you “Balls Up”, ladies and gentlemen….but especially the ladies. Don’t miss them!

Lists Of Men To Avoid Dating Online

As women, we are truly fascinated with the male species. We’re interested with what’s inside their brain, what kind of personality they have, what they love to do…and we ask that even to our future partners. Online dating sites like Match.com membership prices are full of men, trying to impress girls with their killer smile and active lifestyle. But once they get to know each other, once you’ve started seeing their true colours, all expectations will be broken. This is why it’s advised to have a five month long or more friendship before thinking of going on to the next level of the relationship. This is a list of men to avoid before even thinking of dating him.

1. The Douche Bag
- He’s the one you’d talk to for the first time and would call you the “B” word right away. He thinks his jersey shore attitude will turn you on, and would make him look like the “alpha” male, when he can’t even spell the words right. If you meet one of these guys, don’t even waste your time talking to him if you don’t want to be treated poorly.

2. The depressed one
- He’s the guy you find really nice if only he’s not depressed all the time. I mean we understand that we tend to be lonely sometimes but, not to the point of wallowing in misery every single time you have a conversation. Maybe he will talk to you about his problems in your first instant message online, and he keeps updating you but it seems that he’s not fixing his situation, spreading his negativity to you and eventually ruining your day. Also think about this, if you guys encounter a problem in your relationship, he would act the same, sucking your energy and happiness.

3. The “Too Fast” Guy
- You’re just friends. You talk a lot every night, and you love his company but a week later, after just talking to him online for a week, he started bringing up topics like how many children would you have, and which city should you live when you get married…those kinds of stuff even when you’re not even a couple! A week later and maybe you can go talk about which schools are considering for your children.

4. The Pervert
- This one is easy, you thought he was flirting with you but you will notice eventually that every sentence that he types on your conversation has a double meaning. His paragraphs are filled with sexual innuendos that you feel like throwing up. Avoid these kinds of guys because they’re not looking for real relationships, only fun on the internet and a woman who is willing to do whatever he wants.

5. The Clingy/Possessive type
- You’re just friends but he’ll act out like you’re his girlfriend, and will get angry at you for not telling him that you’ll be late for an hour. Jeez, what more if you two become together.