Lists Of Men To Avoid Dating Online

As women, we are truly fascinated with the male species. We’re interested with what’s inside their brain, what kind of personality they have, what they love to do…and we ask that even to our future partners. Online dating sites like membership prices are full of men, trying to impress girls with their killer smile and active lifestyle. But once they get to know each other, once you’ve started seeing their true colours, all expectations will be broken. This is why it’s advised to have a five month long or more friendship before thinking of going on to the next level of the relationship. This is a list of men to avoid before even thinking of dating him.

1. The Douche Bag
- He’s the one you’d talk to for the first time and would call you the “B” word right away. He thinks his jersey shore attitude will turn you on, and would make him look like the “alpha” male, when he can’t even spell the words right. If you meet one of these guys, don’t even waste your time talking to him if you don’t want to be treated poorly.

2. The depressed one
- He’s the guy you find really nice if only he’s not depressed all the time. I mean we understand that we tend to be lonely sometimes but, not to the point of wallowing in misery every single time you have a conversation. Maybe he will talk to you about his problems in your first instant message online, and he keeps updating you but it seems that he’s not fixing his situation, spreading his negativity to you and eventually ruining your day. Also think about this, if you guys encounter a problem in your relationship, he would act the same, sucking your energy and happiness.

3. The “Too Fast” Guy
- You’re just friends. You talk a lot every night, and you love his company but a week later, after just talking to him online for a week, he started bringing up topics like how many children would you have, and which city should you live when you get married…those kinds of stuff even when you’re not even a couple! A week later and maybe you can go talk about which schools are considering for your children.

4. The Pervert
- This one is easy, you thought he was flirting with you but you will notice eventually that every sentence that he types on your conversation has a double meaning. His paragraphs are filled with sexual innuendos that you feel like throwing up. Avoid these kinds of guys because they’re not looking for real relationships, only fun on the internet and a woman who is willing to do whatever he wants.

5. The Clingy/Possessive type
- You’re just friends but he’ll act out like you’re his girlfriend, and will get angry at you for not telling him that you’ll be late for an hour. Jeez, what more if you two become together.

Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

Being in love with your best friend has its advantages and disadvantages, just like the situation of how to get your girlfriend back. And it really takes one to weigh on these things before confessing his feelings. These are some of the pros of being in love with the person you always goof around with and the person you trust the most among your groups of friends.

First, it is good that you know each other too well and you care about each other. People always say that the best foundation of a relationship is friendship. And you already ruled it off your checklist. You do not need to go through the getting to know each other stage of any relationship. But it does not mean that there is nothing more to know about your partner, you will be more aware of each other’s actions when you are lovers and as you observe him or her, you will discover new things and some of these things may surprise you.

Second, you always keep a close distance on each other. A lot of unrequited feelings end up being shattered dreams because they cannot be with the person they love simply because he or she is too far away. In this sense, being his or her best friend is a plus. You do not have to go through all the hurt of not seeing your loved one.

Third, it is good to know that you have taken your relationship on a higher level. You managed to turn a friendly love to something romantic. There may be some awkwardness at the beginning. But, it also brings excitement to both of you. All you have to do is maintain the excitement, exert an effort to make your partner happy and live you lives to the fullest.

It is very nice to have a boyfriend or girlfriend whom you also consider as your best friend. A lot of people would want that in their lives. The relationship cannot be easily broken since you both care for each other’s welfare and you both understand how the other feels even without hearing him talk.

Although the things mentioned make sense. It should never be left unconsidered that you are friends and the other person might just want to keep it that way. Of course, he or she has no intentions of hurting you. The other person might just be afraid that if there will be a transition in your relationship, you might have series of arguments as you go along and eventually break up. And by breaking up, it does not only mean breaking your status as lovers but it may also ruin your friendship. And both of you do not want that to happen, of course.

Getting in this kind of relationship, like any other relationship, you and your best friend must be ready for the consequences. But as many people say, once you are in love, then you are in love. There will be no mountains that cannot be climbed and there will be no rivers that cannot be crossed. People will make a way when they are truly in love.

Types Of Musical Instruments

Music is a universal language with multiple dialects.

A person can understand this statement when he travels around the world and see the different ways people express their feelings through the use of musical instruments. Although there really is no need to see it personally and anyone can search for the list of different musical instruments on the web, but to be amazed by it after seeing them play with your own eyes is one thing you will never regret. Seeing them playing their musical instruments passionately is a one of a kind experience.

There are several categories on which musical instruments belong. So far, these are the most known types of musical instruments: the percussion instruments, the wind instruments, the string instruments, the electronic instruments, and the keyboard instruments. There are still others though. People will be quite amused by their number. Did you know? There are hundreds of recognized musical instruments around the world. And for all we know, there are still others that are left undiscovered.

Percussion instruments are the type of musical instruments wherein people struck them against a similar instrument to create a sound. Some percussion instruments are believed to be the oldest musical instruments. Some notable percussion instruments are the castanets, xylophone, bass drum, snare drum, cymbals, triangle, and the tambourine.

Wind instruments are those that have tubes in which a players blows into the mouthpiece and there will be a vibration of air and thus, producing sound. The length of the tube and manual modifications determine the pitch of vibration. Wind instruments are grouped into brass instruments and woodwind instruments. Brass instruments are lip-vibrated instruments. Examples include trumpet, trombones, tenor horn and tuba. Flutes and reed instruments are the two types of woodwind instruments. The clarinet and the saxophone are some examples of reed instruments.
Vibrating strings in string instruments when plucked are the ones that produce sounds. They are also called chordophones. There are three groups of string instruments: the lutes, the harps and the zithers.

Electronic musical instruments are those that utilize electronics in order to produce sounds. Most mainstream music today uses this kind of musical instrument.

Needless to say, keyboard instruments are musical instruments that use a keyboard. The best example is the piano. Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven are some of the greatest musicians of all time who have created masterpieces using the piano.

Some of these categories are mixed up to form a better sound. Like for an example, the electronic organ, it is a mixture of keyboard instruments and electronic musical instruments. In this digital age, talented musicians discover a lot about music from blink-182 and are inventing ways to improve sound to perfection.

It is also good to know that a great number of young people are interested in learning how to play musical instruments. A lot of talented youth are getting recognized in the music industry which means music is not only for the old but for everyone around the globe. Music inspires people, songs with good lyrics can motivate people, it can make them laugh and cry, it can be the story of their lives.